BACKYARD surf club


Founded by a group of local surfers and professional coaches from Ericeira, backYARD Surf Club is dedicated to elevating the quality and sustainability of surfing in Ericeira. 

We are driven by a shared desire to positively contribute to our hometown’s evolving surf culture by empowering surfers through professional coaching that extends beyond traditional methods and fosters community engagement.

Our club operates on the principle that by coaching individuals to become better surfers, we contribute to a more organized, safer, and more respectful surfing environment in Ericeira, ultimately making it more sustainable.


The backYARD team is made up of specialists in various areas in order to provide a multidisciplinary service. Is also a group of friends and locals from Ericeira who help each other and evolve together.

All our surf coaches are certified by the surf portuguese federation and all our personal trainers are certified with the special technical course of physical exercise.

It’s not a summer job. Our coaches have invested their careers in their activity and dedicate their professional lives to surfing and fitness. 

As locals we know Ericeira and its waves like the back of our hands. Ericeira its our home and its wave are our backyard.

Afonso Tornelli


Francisco Pereira


João Gonçalves



Couldn’t have asked for a better surf experience from Chico! We learnt so much on our surf skates and out in the waves! I cannot wait to go back to Ericeira and learn from this company again! Thanks again Chico from Will & Chris 🙏🏄‍♂️
will harpur
will harpur
26. March, 2022.
I had a surfing class with Chico this summer in Ericeira and it was the best experience. I was surfuing before a little bit but I struggled a lot. Chico was able to spot immediately my mistakes and helped me to improve it. I also had an introduction about the surfing in general, That was also very helpful to understand how everything works. Unfortunately, I had only one class becasue I was about to leave Ericeira. But it was the best day for me becasue I got several waves that day on Ribeira Beach! Amazing feeling and lot of fun. I recommend to everyone
Kateřina Protivenskiy
Kateřina Protivenskiy
8. December, 2021.
Very good private surf lessons by passionate coaches. By combining theory about the ocean and waves with skate training and long surfing sessions your surf skill will increase quickly. An awesome experience, with detailed evaluations and cool videos and photos of you riding the waves!
martijn froeling
martijn froeling
2. November, 2021.
Amazing trainers! Their intention to have small surfing group, helps significantly with the individual feedback, while surfing already. This helped me in understanding the techniques and my mistakes to improve my surfing skills. I would fully recommend to subscribe/register for the backYARD Ericiera, also fun moments guaranteed!!
Pradeep Juvi
Pradeep Juvi
1. November, 2021.
BackYard was the thing I had been looking for for a while since it seems impossible to find good surflessons if you are not a beginner anymore. The sessions with Afonso were super helpful, motivating and fun! His constant feedback helped me a lot to understand my own surfing and ways to improve it. And I loved the opportunity to try out the surfskate! I would recommend them to anyone who wants to progress with their surfing. I can't wait to be back and work on hopefully new stuff by then! Communication with Afonso was super easy and quick and it felt he always tried his best to find the best spots in challenging conditions.
Manuela Bossart
Manuela Bossart
11. October, 2021.
I was lucky enough to spend a bit of time with Afonso, surfing and skating. He definitely challenged me in many ways. I learned a lot about surfing, skating and Ericeira from him. When in the water with him I felt safe, when out the water I enjoyed the teaching system he employed. His passion for surfing is obvious and it was fun to get into the intricacies of surfing style, technique and who's the true world-champion of surfing. I left Ericeira fully aware of how bad my surfing looks. But also fully aware of what I have to work on to make it look better - and most importantly: HOW to work on it. And that's the first step to getting better. Thanks Afonso for a memorable experience, many, many chats and lots of laughter! I guess Ericeira is pretty cool after all ;)
Angelina Dobler
Angelina Dobler
8. October, 2021.
No matter what level of surfing you are at, you will gain so much from having a couple of sessions with the guys at Backyard. Our week with them was the best of our Portugal trip! Can highly recommend them :) Flexible schedules, individual approach and all the feedback you want and need! Until next time! Cheers
Ayu Melissa
Ayu Melissa
5. October, 2021.
A great way to improve surfing. The combination of coaching in the water, on land (skateboard) together with video analyses gives a true understanding of knowing your flaws and where to improve. I took a 3 day course and learned what I needed to know customised to my needs, with a really friendly, professional and fun instructor.
Linda K
Linda K
2. September, 2021.
Chico is one of the best coaches when it comes to surfing/surf-skating! I went from a complete beginner to surf-skating independently in a matter of days. On the day we surfed, he was able to take me out of my comfort zone and I've never seen such improvement in one session than I have to date and I'm more confident in my ability as a result; you'll be in safe hands with him.
Halar Mirani
Halar Mirani
2. September, 2021.


We are a group of friends that grew up together in Ericeira. When we were kids, we learnt how to surf on a beach close to home. We called this beach our ‘backyard’. Since then, we have spent everyday surfing Ericeira ́s waves – we know them as well as the palm of our hand.

Although we are adults, we have continued to surf together and made the important decision to share our passion with others.



As locals we love how things were before; empty line ups and enjoying the chilled-out vibe in our hometown. These moments were priceless – but we know things have changed and there is no way to stop it.

If we can’t stop then we will make the best of it.

We will give our best to contribute for a positive change of Ericeira and surfing future.



We love what we do.

commitment to customers

We focus on our customers needs and goals.


We care for our communities.


We believe that together we can achieve more.


Safety and Quality Surfing

-Cultivate more responsible and skilled surfers able to follow the rules and control their board.
-Escort, control and secure non-advanced surfers who want to surf.
-Support surfers with information about the conditions and locations best suited to their abilities and experience.

InterconneCted Community

-Promote local businesses.
-Transmit the local surfing culture to youngsters and visitors
-Work as a bridge between locals and visitors.

Sustainable and Professional Teaching Market​

-We have created a more differentiated offer for surfers to have the opportunity to continue their progress after surf schools and in a more personalised way.
-We provide the opportunity for the coaches to perform and evolve their activity as a profession.


We count on individuals, groups, corporations and foundations, whose efforts enable us to serve our mission.
Thanks to all for the enormous support of our partners throughout the year.