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Improve Your Surfing with Professional Surf Coaching, Efficient Multidisciplinary Training, and a Supportive Community in Ericeira

Our surf programs at backYARD Surf Club are designed for all surfers, from beginners to seasoned experts.

Our personalized coaching ensures structured development, while the BackYARD Method fosters holistic growth. With multidisciplinary sessions and the Four-Coactive Model, our programs bring efficiency to your practice.

Available to both members and non-members, our programs offer a comprehensive approach to help you reach your full potential.

Learn more about how our programs work and how you can join below.

Plan a structure development with coaching

Each surfer is paired with a professional coach who guides their progress with structured, goal-oriented training plans. This one-on-one mentorship tailors goals and strategies to individual needs by identifying personal strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring training is focused and effective. This relationship will structure your development, helping you build a solid foundation, and will provide a supportive guide through your surfing journey. This approach empowers surfers to achieve long-term improvement.

Learn, practice and train more efficiently with a multidisciplinary approach

Our programs use a multidisciplinary approach that includes surf and skate sessions, video analysis, physical conditioning, and more to give surfers a well-rounded education in all aspects of surfing. This approach makes your practice more efficient, leading to faster improvement and a deeper understanding of the sport.

The backYARD Method – More than just performance

Central to our surf coaching philosophy is the backYARD Method—a unique and innovative coaching strategy that redefines what it means to excel in surfing. Our method goes beyond performance, focusing on the holistic development of each surfer and their dynamic relationship with the sport. The idea behind the backYARD Method is to help surfers build a lasting and healthy relationship with surfing, enhancing their skills while fostering a deeper connection to the sport for a balanced and sustainable practice.

how does it work

To fully access our program and be paired with a coach, you need to be a member of backYARD Surf Club. This starts with an Introduction Course, which lays the foundation for your development and aligns you with our coaching and training methods. You’ll receive ongoing mentoring from a professional coach, along with consistent support and guidance throughout your surfing journey—even if you aren’t in Ericeira.

Once you complete the Introduction Course, you’ll be able to participate in our sessions, including training, classes, workshops, and more, while also having access to our community.

Non-members can also join our surf programs but will have access only to the sessions

Upon joining, you will be team up with a professional surf coach who will act as your mentor, guide, and supporter throughout your surfing journey. This coach will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your skills, identify areas for improvement, and collaborate with you to set SMART goals. Together, you’ll create tailored strategies and action plans to achieve these goals. This relationship provides consistent support, guidance, and mentorship throughout your surfing progression

To begin your coaching journey, you’ll start with an Introduction Course that sets the foundation for your development. This course is crucial for understanding your strengths and areas for improvement, setting clear goals, and aligning with our coaching methods. It helps ensure you have the right knowledge and direction to make meaningful progress, outlining a structured path forward.

To achieve the goals you set, practice and learning are essential, and you can accomplish this independently and through our multidisciplinary sessions. Our program offers a diverse array of sessions, including surf and skate training, video analysis, and theoretical lessons, to enhance your practice efficiently. A blend of independent practice and guided sessions, led by your personal coach or our expert team, will help you stay on track with your development plan. This balanced approach ensures you receive a comprehensive and enriching learning experience that boosts your growth in surfing.

Our program uniquely provides continuous guidance from your coach, no matter where you are. Whether you’re surfing locally in Ericeira or have moved elsewhere, our remote coaching sessions ensure that the development process never stalls. You’ll receive ongoing mentoring, feedback, and support as you progress, keeping you on track towards surfing excellence.

Our program goes beyond surf improvement—it integrates you into the Ericeira surf scene. Whether through on-site or remote engagements, you’ll find a network that enriches your surfing journey, offering connections, insights, and opportunities that enhance your experience in the sport and its culture

How to Join Our Surf Programs

Joining our surf programs at backYARD Surf Club is a simple three-step process designed to ensure we tailor the experience to your specific needs and goals.

Start by completing our Surf Experience Form available via a Google Form link. This form collects essential information about your surfing background, skills, and experience. Filling out this form is the first crucial step to help us understand your needs and expectations from our surf programs.

Surf Experience Form

After submitting the form, please contact us either via our email address or WhatsApp number. Let us know:

●  That you have filled out the Surf Experience Form.

●  Any additional information you wish to share about your surf experience that wasn’t covered in the form.

●  If you are a resident of Ericeira, please tell us when you would like to start your sessions. If you are visiting, please inform us how long you will be in Ericeira and when you would like to start.

●  If you were referred by someone, please mention their name.

●  If you have a preference for a specific coach, please let us know so we can accommodate your request if possible.

Once your details are reviewed, a surf coach will be assigned to you based on your needs and preferences. This coach will contact you directly to schedule the Introduction Course. This initial session is vital as it helps lay the groundwork for your development and ensures you and your coach align your goals and expectations for the program.

After these steps are completed, you will be fully enrolled and ready to begin your experience with us at backYARD Surf Club.


Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely! No matter your skill level, you’re welcome to join our surf programs. You can select sessions that align with your specific goals and needs.

Not at all! Our programs and membership are open to everyone, whether you reside in Ericeira or not. We offer remote coaching and development tracking, and you can participate in sessions whenever you’re in town.

However, our coaches always try to adjust the training schedules to the surfers’ work schedule and the ocean conditions.

Most of our coaches like early mornings and always try, as much as possible, to look for times and spots with less crowds.

Certainly! Membership is not limited to active session participation. You can still have a coach and be part of our community without attending regular sessions.

Yes, non-members are welcome to join our sessions. Just contact us, fill out the experience form, and agree to our terms and conditions.

Our offerings are diverse: Classes focus on learning and building knowledge; training sessions emphasize practice and improving specific skills; workshops encourage interactive problem-solving in a collaborative setting. Coaching, however, is personalized and provides continuous mentoring with tailored guidance to help you reach your unique surfing goals.

Joining is easy! Simply fill out the experience form on our website, and send us a message via WhatsApp or email. 

A coach will be assigned to you based on your surfing level and needs. If you have a preference, let us know, and we will take it into consideration.

Yes, you can join various sessions beyond your personal coaching. Our coaches collaborate, sharing your training plan to ensure a cohesive development experience.

The Introduction Course is mandatory for full membership and ongoing coaching. However, if you wish to participate in sporadic sessions without ongoing coaching, you can skip this course.

backYARD Surf Club’s programs stand out through several distinctive features:

  1. Comprehensive Coaching and Personal Mentorship: Each member is assigned a dedicated coach who acts as their mentor, responsible for overseeing their development. This includes conducting thorough evaluations, setting clear goals, and designing tailored training plans. This personalized mentorship ensures a supportive and structured path to improvement, where members receive consistent guidance and encouragement.
  2. Multidisciplinary Sessions: Our programs extend beyond surf and skate to include a variety of training sessions such as surf theory, video analysis, strength and conditioning, and practical water sessions. This broad spectrum of activities ensures comprehensive skill development and enhances your practice efficiency.
  3. The backYARD Method: This holistic approach goes beyond mere performance, focusing on nurturing a deeper, more meaningful relationship with surfing. It emphasizes personal growth and enjoyment alongside skill development.

A game changer for your surfing experience

Improve your surfing with our professional coaching and multidisciplinary training


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